Frequently Asked Questions

Electrolyzed water is an all natural solution that is produced using just tap water, salts, and electricity. Electrolyzed water can be generated as pH neutral, acidic, or alkaline. When using food grade table salt as an additive, EWCO systems can generate a near neutral electrolyzed water (pH 5-7) composed mostly of stable hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a powerful oxidant and antimicrobial.

Electrolyzed water, when generated from food grade table salt, is one of the most powerful sanitizers on the market. Electrolyzed water can be 100x more effective than chlorine bleach against bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, and fungi. We have over 300 published research articles demonstrating it’s effectiveness. Click here to visit our research database.

Electrolyzed water’s microbial killing power is contributed to its high oxidation potential (800 mV to 1,000 mV). EWCO electrolyzed water, when generated from food grade table salt, is composed 90% of stable hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is electrically neutral allowing for it to easily penetrate bacterial cell walls and viral protein coats and envelopes. Through oxidation, hypochlorous acid destroys DNA, RNA, and proteins necessary for bacterial and viral survival and replication.


Electrolyzed water dislodges biofilm and kills bacteria that form biofilm making it an ideal sanitizing solution for pipes and clean-in-place systems (CIP).


Because hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is an electrically neutral molecule that can penetrate cell walls of bacteria and because HOCl is a very powerful oxidant that is stable in solution, it is very difficult for microbial pathogens to develop resistence.


Alchemist electrolyzed water systems are installed on-site. Generating solutions on-site and on-demand allows for the elimination of purchasing, transporting, storing, preparation, and disposal of toxic concentrated chemicals. Alchemist electrolyzed water can be generated for less than 2 cents per gallon allowing for most business that use over 100 gallons a day to save on their current costs. One cup of table salt can generate about 100 gallons of sanitizer.


Electrolyzed water is an all natural sanitizer created with just tap water, salt, and electricity. Electrolyzed water is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-irritant.


Yes, electrolytically generated hypochlorous acid has been approved for use as a no-rinse sanitizer on food contact surfaces and directly on food. See FDA Food Contact Notification 1811. See letter from USDA Organic.


No, it does not require a hazardous use permit.


Alchemist MINI: No, it does not require any safety gear such as eye protection or gloves. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-irritant.

UV-C: When handling UV-C light, protective gloves and goggles with UV-C light is required (Comes in the package)